Sunday, 18 July 2010's not all birds y'know

There's been a little bit of 'new' activity around the house the past couple of days with chipping sparrows appearing in the yard, plus a Steller's jay noisily checking out the feeders.

Today, Jenny and I took a walk to Jack Point and enjoyed the sunshine. The place was alive with butterflies and stuff, including the delightful Lorquin's admiral pictured here.
An bright metallic green Alice In Wonderland-esque beetle took a shine to Jen's leg, so it too joined the gallery. See below.
We also encountered a very drab grasshopper/cricket/locust thing that exploded into dazzling lemon yellow when flushed. Rather lovely!

I've also included a picture of a harbour seal that we came across yesterday in Nanaimo, just by the crab fishing pier.
Well, it was too bonny to ignore...

And I've also put a pic here of some weird starfish like creature.
Later, I headed down to Holden Creek for a check on progress...
Not too much had changed since yesterday, a slight increase in the number of least sandpipers with around 80 present.
I managed to find 3 westerns and 2 semi-palmated sands amongst them and 3 pectoral sandpipers - including a stately male, still resplendent in his summer finery. I'm afraid the pic here does him little justice!
A pair of silent dowitcher were feeding on the back pool, I'm pretty sure they were long-billed.

Of course, the usual supporting cast included cowbirds, yellow warbler, the regular swallows, turkey vulture, red-tailed hawk, bald eagle, great-blue heron, etc.

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