Sunday, 11 July 2010

Ready, Willing and Cable

Yesterday was a total disappointment. I covered almost every square foot of Holden Creek and the adjacent marsh, and the grand sum for my efforts was 2 spotted sandpiper. Yep. Exciting birding, it wasn't.

Undeterred, I returned today and things were slightly better. A total of c.30 least sandpiper were present on the creek. I tried in vain, but I couldn't string anything else among them.
4 killdeer were also on the first bit of the creek, by the path.
A juv peregrine (pictured) dropped in and caused a bit of a panic, and despite a couple of attempts it failed to catch anything.
Otherwise, it was business as usual: American goldfinch, house finch, bald eagle, red-tailed hawk, Brewer's blackbird, brown-headed cowbird, American robin, starling, spotted towhee, common yellowthroat, orange-crowned warbler, bushtit, chestnut-backed chickadee, willow flycatcher, etc. Swallows included northern rough-winged, barn, cliff, tree and violet-green.  

Jenny and I also took a stroll along Cable Bay Trail, early afternoon, which was uncharacteristically bereft and hound-toting noisy buggers - very pleasant indeed. Nothing much was seen/heard birdwise, but it was a lovely walk regardless. Had plenty of fun investigating the amazingly fertile rock pools... Still lots of very vocal Swainson's thrushes and Pacific-slope flycatchers throughout the forest.

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