Sunday, 25 July 2010

Pre-juv lull...

Not too much going on down at Nanaimo's Holden Creek, when I finally managed a spot of birding there today. The tide was pretty well out, but just starting to turn so I couldn't really hang around for fear of having to come into contact with that horrible creek sludge, otherwise referred to as 'water'.

A few peeps were feeding on the main creek - 10 least sandpiper, 1 western and 2 semi-palmated sandpipers.
A nice group of 6 long-billed dowitchers were feeding on one of the marsh pools (see pic) alongside another semi-palmated sandpiper.

Yesterday's 'hot-spot' has continued to dry out and consequently, it's appeal is starting to wane. Just a not-particularly-choosy pectoral sandpiper was there.

I imagine that once the juvenile birds start moving south, it could get very interesting down here, as long as we get some water in those flashes to entice them...

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