Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Morning glory

Went down to Holden Creek this morning for a pre-work wander.
The first bird I noticed, as I was putting my wellies on, was a collared dove sat up on an exposed bare branch in a nearby tree. First I've seen at this site.
As I walked down the path to the creek, I noticed with dismay that there were no waders visible in the channel. As I drew up to the main creek, I couldn't see a single shorebird feeding on the muddy edges.
I trundled up the bank and crossed the creek at the usual spot scanning the pools on the saltmarsh. Nothing.
I headed toward the pylon 'island', from where I usually scan the area, and flushed several least sandpipers from the pickleweed. At last - some waders!
When I got to a spot where I could actually see the back pool I was absolutely amazed - it was crawling with birds. Unfortunately, time wasn't entirely on my side but in the next twenty or so minutes I was able to determine that there were 9 lesser yellowlegs, 3 greater yellowlegs, 5 pectoral sandpiper (of which 2 were males), 5 dowitchers (3 long-billed and 2 short-billed, I think...), 1 killdeer and approximately 80 least sandpiper. Surprisingly, there were no other small calidrids that I could see.
The tide times meant that a post work visit was pointless, so I have no evening comparison.
Anyway, below is a very poor vid that at least shows the level of activity! 

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