Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Peeping at shorebirds

Popped down to Holden Creek for the incoming tide this evening. I counted 62 least sandpiper at Holden Creek but there were no other peeps present. Or curiously, any spotted sandpipers...
Out on the marsh was a single greater yellowlegs and a pair of killdeer.
A 'medium' wader, seen on flight only, and at considerable distance, was almost certainly a pectoral sandpiper based on size, shape and flight style. No feet were visible extending beyond the tail, and the bill wasn't especially long. Unfortunately the encroaching tide prevented me from going off to confirm its ID, after it landed out on the back of the marsh.
Just hope it wasn't anything more exciting, such as sharp-tailed sand... unless, of course it sticks around, in which case I hope that it is!.


  1. Hi John, Your blog 13 July is like popping round to the Lancaster canal for me!!, where I did get good photos of bittern at 10 feet -- its Eric Gibbs by the way.
    Finally found your blog and am enjoying catch up.
    Get in touch soon,as not got your new address.
    Cheers Mate.

  2. Hey Eric! Good to hear from you. If you want to email me, you can use the address on the right, under 'Contact...' but use the @ symbol instead of AT. I look forward to catching up soon and hearing about this bittern!