Friday, 16 July 2010

Peeking at peeps in the creek

Got up and had a crack at Holden Creek for an hour before setting off to work this morning.
There were approximately 70 least sandpiper feeding in the creek. A careful check through revealed just a single western sandpiper.
Also in the area, were Pacific-slope and willow flycatchers, a yellow-rumped warbler, plus the usual stuff including the male common yellowthroat, pictured.
A small cluster of grasshoppers were on the path - immaculate in flight, they look more like black and white butterflies as they fly away from me. On the deck, they were seriously drab and grey, apart from one which was a rich sandy colour. Anyone out there know what they are?

Lunchtime: 2 Caspian terns were down by the Nanaimo waterfront.

A return visit to Holden Creek after a day in the office, was interesting. Still good numbers of least sandpiper c40 on the creek and a 25 on the marsh pools. There was an increase in the number of  western sandpipers with 8 now present.
On the marsh, there were one each of greater and lesser yellowlegs, - a nice sight. Particularly as they fed together, giving direct comparisons. As you can see in the typically rubbish snap.

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