Monday, 19 April 2010

At long last, leasts!

Quick dash round the patch this evening - pretty quiet at the Nanaimo River estuary. The highlight was seeing the adult female and immature northern harrier hunting together over the marsh.
No swallows at all, or yellowlegs.

Headed round to Holden Creek, trying to beat the rain. A pair of greater yellowlegs were on the sluiced channel, and a further 3 were on the main creek. 3 killdeer were kicking around, and the nesting red-tailed hawks provided some entertainment as they saw off an interloper, of the same species. The dozen white-fronted geese were still grazing in the fields alongside their Canadian cousins.
Then, a little cloud of around 20 waders appeared, and once they eventually settled on the creek edge I could see that they were least sandpipers. At last, a bit of wader movement - hopefully this is the start of a spell of interesting passage...

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