Friday, 9 April 2010

Let Osprey...

Well, it was really, really quiet when I arrived at the Nanaimo River estuary this evening. Took me ages to find anything to look at, a female northern harrier was a welcome sight when it finally showed up.
Passerines were startlingly quiet, it was as if someone had been down there with a big bird hoover...
As I was trundling back along the hedge, having decided on abandoning play (approx 6.50pm), I glanced round (as I do from time to time) and I spotted an interesting looking bird, quite high up, heading toward the marsh from the south east. An osprey - my first of the year. Lovely, that'll do to save the day! It carried on, determined but unhurried, over Nanaimo and on northward.

Perked up by this, I headed round to Holden Creek for a peek. A couple of killdeer were out on the marsh, but other than a few bufflehead, a heron, and a red-tailed hawk (pic above), it was pretty unremarkable. Good sunset, though.

1 comment:

  1. Let Osprey.... that's a pun and a half!
    almost as bad as that wartime slogan, Loose Stork costs lives.
    Best wishes from Ray who was for once in the right place at the right time and watched a honking great Sea Eagle drift over Leighton Moss. I was actually watching out for Ospreys, but rthe sea Eagle was a fair enough substitute.