Tuesday, 13 April 2010

No rain, no gain.

I put rather too much trust in the weather forecast - gentle southerlies with rain overnight and early morning. Sounded perfect for dropping a few good birds. Anyway, got up at 6.30am and it was bone dry. Oh well, you never know...
Got down to the Nanaimo River estuary, and it was very pleasant with singing savannah sparrows, robins, white-crowned sparrows and the like filling the air.
The group of golden-crowned sparrows was feeding on the path and there with them, was the white-throated sparrow.
Still a dozen or so greater yellowlegs were on the river, as was an otter.
There was no evidence whatsoever, of newly arrived anythings! Next time, maybe...

After work, I headed to Holden Creek to check the wet fields - if there were any waders on the move, hopefully they'd be here, as it was high tide. Guess what? Nowt. Well, apart from a single greater yellowlegs and 2 killdeer. Approximately 80 green-winged teal were feeding in the creeks, as was a pair of hooded merganser.
A pair of white-fronted geese were with the Canadas in the farm fields.
I decided to have a peek at the estuary, flushing a turkey vulture (pic) on the way - it was chowing down on a hapless racoon corpse on the roadside.
The yellowlegs on the Nanaimo River had gained some new recruits, and now numbered 24.


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