Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Good anser.

It was cool, wet and windy down at the estuary this evening and the birding was, consequently, rather dull.
I was joined by a male yellow-rumped warbler, which curiously kept pace with me as I walked along the long hedge but it was just about the only bird I saw!
A grey-goose-honking drew my attention to 5 white-fronted geese out on the marsh. They proceeded to take off and headed north, only to return several minutes later. Presumably, they didn't like the look of Nanaimo.
The local pheasant was squawking away from the field and a handful of violet-green swallow were zipping around.
Just 3 greater yellowlegs were on the river, as were several common mergansers (pictured - they'll always be goosanders to me) and 16 gadwall.  


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