Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Going for Gold

The big oak was jumping with yellow-rumped warblers when I arrived at the Nanaimo River estuary this evening. At least a dozen birds were actively feeding there, and a couple of orange-crowneds too. There were loads of savannah sparrows around and a male American goldfinch was new in.
A female northern harrier was over the marsh and a group of 12 white-fronted geese flew in from the estuary mouth toward Holden Creek - presumably the same birds as have been there for a few days.
A lone western meadowlark was kicking around, and showed well.

A quick blast round to Holden Creek was pretty unremarkable. Another male goldfinch was here (pic), but not much else. 2 greater yellowlegs were feeding out on the marsh flashes and yep, those white-fronts were back grazing in the field.

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