Sunday, 25 April 2010

Super calidrids are fab, but lighting is atrocious

A quick late afternoon visit to Holden Creek revealed yet more waders - one group on the channel was made up of 14 least sandpiper & 1 western sandpiper.
Two greater yellowlegs were nearby, and another feeding flock of c20 calidrids was out on the flashes - the low sun made them tricky to say the least, though a couple of dunlin were identifiable amongst them. Later they joined the others on the channel, and they all appeared to be westerns, apart from the two dunlin.
I think it's going to get rather interesting (and bloody frustrating!) over the coming weeks...  


  1. Absolutely brilliant - that has to be the best blog entry title you've done yet!


  2. Cheers Greg - I was rather hoping that someone might comment on it! Incidentally, I haven't forgotten about the estuary map, I'm just too busy birding at the moment...! I'll put one up on the blog soon. Hope those Yorkshire birds are keeping you busy!
    Hi from me & Jen