Thursday, 29 April 2010

Spring limps on...

Another glorious morning with the wind from the wrong direction... Spent a pre-work hour wandering around the Nanaimo River estuary in search of, well, anything really.
Not too much doing, the usual white-crowned & savannah sparrows, yellow-rumped & orange-crowned warblers, towhees, red crossbills and such were in evidence but not much else.
A single greater yellowlegs flew over.
An American goldfinch was singing near the oak.

Stopped off at Holden Creek on my way home.
The tide was rising, but there was enough mud on the creek to interest a few least sandpipers and a spotted sandpiper. More 'peeps' (as our American birding chums, and certain UK twitchers insist on calling them) were out on the marsh, but the low sun behind them rendered them specifically unidentifiable, though those that got up and flew around calling were all leasts.
A greater yellowlegs was in attendance.
A pair of male brown-headed cowbirds were trying to woo a female (fem pictured), and engaging in some impressive moves. These are the first I've seen here, and are presumably new in.
Two males and a female purple martin joined the mass of barn, tree & violet-green swallows, from time to time, while smaller numbers of norther rough-winged and cliff swallows were also present. Another singing goldfinch was showing well and 12 white-fronted geese were back in the fields.
A female northern harrier was hunting over the fields too.

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