Sunday, 4 April 2010

There'll be bluebirds over.. etc etc

Despite the overnight rain, there was no sign of any grounded migrants on the Nanaimo River estuary this morning.
Once again, the long hedge was disappointingly bereft of avian action.

An early dog-walker was patrolling the mountain bluebird posts, which resulted in the bird being in a different area, feeding around some tide stranded old logs. I managed a few more snaps, one of which you can see here.
A female northern harrier was hunting over the marsh and passed close by, giving great views.
The distinctive call of a greater yellowlegs alerted me to a single bird flying overhead, from the river.
Again the white-throated sparrow was with the golden-crowned flock, and white-crowned sparrows were in good voice. Crossbills were again much in evidence and were joined by pine siskins, as they were yesterday. Oh, and the mighty cock pheasant was crowing away from the fields...

An early evening visit to Quennell Lake was unremarkable - 49 shoveler, 20 lesser scaup and a handful of teal, pintail, bufflehead, common merganser and mallard.

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