Monday, 5 April 2010

No blue Monday

Had a post work trawl around a very quiet estuary this evening (6pm-7.30pm).
No sign of the mountain bluebird. I suppose conditions last night were suitable for it to have cleared off...
There weren't even any savannah sparrows to be seen or heard - was the recent influx made up of northbound, off-passage birds?

A northern shrike was hunting from the hawthorns in the fields and a couple of flickers were kicking around.
A single white-crowned sparrow was singing away, but there were no crossbills or golden-crowned sparrows around.
The tide was way out, as were the gulls and wildfowl...
8 greater yellowlegs (one of which is pictured here) were on a shingle spit on the river.
Good numbers of violet-green swallow and just 1 tree swallow were whizzing around.
As usual, a few bald eagles were cruising around.

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