Monday, 12 April 2010

Evenin' all

I managed an hour down at the Nanaimo River estuary mid evening, with crepuscular birds on my mind...
As it happened, it stayed lighter longer than I'd anticipated!
So, as is often the case as this time of day, it was pretty quiet passerine-wise - just a couple of singing white-crowned sparrows and the occasional American robin.
Oh, and my favourite starling. This bird, currently nesting in the big oak, does a fabulous impression of a red-tailed hawk. So good, that it took me several days before I figured out what was going on! Reminds me of the one by an amusement arcade on Morecambe's seafront, back in the 80s, that used to do a cracking Space Invaders. European starlings are particularly fond of mimicking curlews, too...
Anyhoo - back to the estuary, and a female northern harrier was sat out on a snag on the marsh, later a beautiful ghostly male bird also spent a few minutes hunting over the marsh.
At least 12 greater yellowlegs were on the river.

At lunchtime, on my daily stroll to the Mafeo Sutton Park, I noted a pair of black oystercatcher, bald eagle, the regular male Anna's hummingbird and a yellow-rumped warbler.

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